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        領導能力、應對能力、組織動員能力、貫徹 執行能力

        the ability to lead, respond, mobilize, and to execute orders


        science-based approach in fighting the epidemic

        國家疫苗儲備制度 national vaccine reserve system


        early warning and forecasting mechanism for epidemic prevention and control


        to adjust the emergency response level

        生物安全法 biosecurity law


        to develop a national biosecurity risk control and management system


        deeper international cooperation on epidemic prevention and control/containment measures


        two-year custodian service for household registration and personal files

        拓寬就地就近就業渠道 to create more jobs locally


        to assist businesses, stabilize employment, and create more jobs


        to prioritize the employment of poor migrant workers


        reduction of and exemption from corporate social insurance premiums


        (to allow) deferred social security contributions


        social insurance system; social security system


        preferential support measures .


        to make full use of the medical assistance fund to ensure that medical bills (of COVID-19 patients) are paid promptly


        (to streamline/implement procedures) to identify and facilitate compensation for work- related infections


        安全距離 safe distance

        防霧謹口罩 anti-smog mask

        口罩產fb mask production capacity

        口罩預約 mask reservation and purchase

        過濾個生fb filtering performance

        含酒精的消毒液 alcohol-based disinfectant

        消毒機器人 disinfecting robot

        抗菌'冼手液 antibiotic hand sanitizer


        注意下水道的通暢to ensure that sewers are not clogged

        入戶檢測 door-to-door testing

        嚴控境外疫情輸入strict control of imported infection

        暫日寸P鬲離區域 area for temporary quarantine


        加強病毒溯源和傳播機理硏究to strengthen research on the traceability and transmission mechanism of the virus

        分享病毒基因序列to share the genetic sequence of the virus

        緊急求女治 emergency treatment

        夕卜科處置 surgical treatment

        修訂診斷標準 revision of diagnostic criteria

        應收盡收All suspected and confirmed patients should be admitted to the hospital.

        應治盡治All confirmed patients should be treated.

        心理疏導 psychological counseling

        分區嚴格隔離 strict quarantine

        污染集中處理centralized treatment of medical waste

        醫療垃圾處理 medical waste disposal


        慕課 MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses)

        網上面試 online interview

        網上簽約to sign an employment contract online

        員工健康監測和報告employee health monitoring and reporting

        出行軌跡 travel records

        返崗證明health certificate for returning to work

        個人行程證明 proof of travel; travel records

        共享員工 employee sharing

        緩解用工荒to address labor shortage

        產業扶貧poverty alleviation by developing industries

        消費扶貧poverty alleviation by consuming products and services from poor areas

        月艮務消費 consumption of services

        實物消費 consumption of products

        助農 to support fanners and agriculture

        把被抑制、被凍結的消費釋放出來to stimulate consumption stifled by the outbreak

        送貨機器人self-driving) delivery robot

        社區手比發計戈[I community wholesale program

        無接觸銷售non-physical-contact sales service

        有效地填補供需缺口to effectively fill the gap between supply and demand

        健康碼 health code

        健康申報 declaration of health status

        綠碼 green (health) code

        綠色通道 green channel

        無接觸電梯按鈕 virtual elevator buttons

        客座率 passenger load factor (PLF)

        春節返鄉高峰 Spring Festival travel rush

        晝夜不停的施工進度 around-the-clock construction


        假陰性 false negative

        L 型冠狀病毒 L-type coronavirus

        S 型冠狀病毒 S-type coronavirus

        體外膜肺氧合extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)

        法匹拉韋 favipiravir

        磷酸氯喹 chloroquine phosphate


        托珠單抗 tocilizumab

        負壓房丨旬 negative pressure room

        基礎t生疾病 underlying medical conditions

        病人專用通道 entrance for patients

        醫護人員專用通道 entrance for medical staff

        半污染區 partial ly contaminated area

        污染區 contaminated area

        檢疫區 quarantine area

        清潔區 clean area


        不獲全勝決不輕言成功。We will not proclaim success until we have secured the final victory over COVID-19.

        滄海橫流,方顯英雄本色。True heroes arise in times of hardship.

        公共衛生安全是人類面臨的共同挑戰。Public health security is a common challenge for humanity.

        生命安全和生物安全領域的重大科技成果 是國之重器。

        Major scientific and technological achievements in the fields of life safety and biosecurity are of vital importance to our  country.

        這是一次危機,也是一次大考。This is a crisis and also a test.

        中國力量、中國精神、中國效率。China has demonstrated strength, character and efficiency in fighting against the epidemic.

        負責任大國 a responsible major country

        聚集性疫情 outbreak in clusters

        二級傳播繼發性傳播 secondary transmission

        疫情高發區severely-hit regions (areas); areas (regions) with high infection rates



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